Our Work

Jaxon & Song's Maple Mystery

Voice Recording, Sound Edit, Sound Design +FX, 5.1 Mix, Music Composition

Amelie et Compagnie

Sound Design, Sound Edit, 5.1 Mix 

Wild Kratts

Voice Recording, Voice Editing, ADR Recording


ADR using Source Connect

The War Amps (Playsafe Documentary)

Sound Edit, Mix

The New Fly Fisher

Mix, Broadcast Legalization

The Martels (CRTC web series)

Voice Recording, Sound Edit, Sound Design + FX, Mix

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Our People

Composer / Sound Designer / Mixer

By day, Serge is an award winning composer for TV, Film and all media. By night, he seems to do the same thing. Maybe if he didn't care so much...


Audio Engineer / Sound Designer / Mixer

Our sound effects specialist puts the right amount of spice to any project from intense live action to very involved animation. When he plays drums on the side with his punk band, he sometimes gives us the Creeps... in a good way.

Our Team

The Future of Your Audio

Affinity Audio’s extensive history began with the founding of Atomic Audio in 1995 by award winning composer Serge Côté and director David Bigelow. At the time, they wanted to provide a unique new flavour to compliment all types of audio visual content. Projects included audio post on all types of television series, with a focus on animation series, such as Kevin Spencer (1997-2005), Just Jamie (2003), Eggs (2004), Rollbots (2008), Rob the Robot (2010-2012), Shutterbugs (2016-2017) and more recently Jaxon and Song’s Maple Mystery (2017).

Whether it's Film, TV, Animation, or Interactive Media, we're driven to provide clients with something different, something better.

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