"Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual." - David Lynch

Here at Affinity, our audio department puts 100% of their focus into this idea.  Great audio post production can elevate your entire project to the next level.  We’re here, to help you hear what you’re missing.



  • Voiceover Recording and Voice Directing
           We’ll help you get those perfect takes, every time
  • Noise Reduction
           For those ‘fix it in post’ moments
  • Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering
           Like baking a cake, we’ll make sure all the layers are impeccable
  • ADR and Source Connect
           We’ll help you get that ‘on screen’ feel, whether you’re in studio, or across the continent (recent clients include New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, Wild Kratts, Nickelodeon Productions, Netflix, CBC Television, Fireside Pictures)
  • Music Composition and Scoring
           Original music will allow your project to really sing



Our studios are the perfect balance of technology and comfort.  We’ve got two fully-loaded Pro Tools HD Systems, and all of the plugins you could dream of (Waves, and Izotope RX Advanced to name a few).  With ample client seating, WiFi, comfortable vocal booths, and all the coffee you could want - sometimes it’s hard to want to leave once a session is complete!