February 27 2023

Behind the scenes at Affinity:
What would we do without Thomas Blake? Totally irreplaceable for the past 8 years. General duties include editing, motion graphics, maintaining our extensive library of backup drives and diving in wherever needed. In his spare time can be found wandering the greenbelt trails... away from screens and dark rooms.

Will you be my...
February 14 2023

Monitor Cart

Introducing the JDCC Monitor Cart - the perfect solution for camera people who demand the best! With its sleek design and durable construction, this cart is the perfect way to monitor stunning images on the go. Whether you're on set or on location, you can trust the JDCC Monitor Cart to keep your equipment safe and secure. So, why wait? Rent yours today and start capturing the world in all its beauty! #CameraEquipment #BeautifulImages #OnTheGo #FilmMaking #Affinity

Postproduction and Audio
January 31 2023

That's a wrap on post-production for season 2 of Crazy Like A Lynx.
Affinity took care of camera packages, data management, online, color, audio post and deliverables for 13 new episodes in both English and Ojibway.
Follow Don and Dakota's wild adventures later this year on APTN

#crazylikealynx #postproduction #colourcorrect #audiopost #affinityaudio

January 03 2023

Happiest New Year – 2023!!  It's going to be a great year!

We are SO excited and happy to announce that Gayle Nakamoto-Jancewicz has joined Affinity, sharing administrative responsibilities with Diane Camelin.  Please forward your invoices to Diane and Gayle.  We can’t let Dale go completely. She is in once a week keeping Ron sane and dealing with the big picture. 

Gayle loves being in a production office and tying up all aspects of the business side of production into a neat package.  Her love of teaching, foster dogs, and paper/lights sculpture might come up if you stop in for a chat.  Did we tell you we are excited?!


December 22 2022

Shoot at Affinity
December 14 2022

Love the light that comes into our facility at 141 Wescar... thanks to our staff for letting us take over the postproduction area for a quick shoot!  #videoproduction #katietallo #samanthamakeup #karl_roeder #newton739

Sigma T1.5/T2
November 29 2022

Step up your game - we got them! ... Equipment of the week - Sigma T1.5/T2 Cine FF High-Speed Prime 7-Lens Set
Full-frame, high-speed and with metadata capture. The Sigma Cine Prime 7-lens set delivers sharp digital cinematography at every focal length. #sigmacine #videoproduction


Event Video
November 15 2022

Big show - big screen. We love to do event videos!

Colour and Sound
November 09 2022

ATO Media - Shoots and Scores! Gang de Hockey - Airing on TFO - Sunday January 8th at 7:30pm and every Sunday after that for 8 weeks.

Affinity Production group was on the ice for online edit, color and audio mix.

Provided Sony FX9 cameras and a lighting & grip package. Matthew MacDonald DOP

It's a winner!!  #atomedia #postproduction #audiomix #colourcorrection #videoequipment #videoproductionottawa #TFO

You light up my life!
October 18 2022

Featured Equipment of the Week 

Aputure LS 1200d Pro LED Light. Aputure's flagship Lightstorm product. The 1200d Pro offers the control and ergonomics of LED lighting, while providing a competitive luminance to HMI. We got it - you need it. 

Going Wide
October 12 2022

Affinity has just completed a project to provide some very wide screen video demo content - 11,520 x 2160 pixels to be exact, designed to be spanned across three 3840 x 2160 UHD displays at 60fps. Both our Production Services and Post Production departments collaborated to rig three GoPro Hero 10 cameras on an ATV, shoot some lovely fall footage on a local trail, then stitch and edit the three camera streams together in post to create the finished four-minute sequence. A single frame of the final result can be seen here at 300 pixels wide, a mere 38.4 times smaller than the full-size version.

The Affinity Bunch
October 04 2022

Hi Folks – It’s the fine and friendly people at Affinity with brand new photos.  Check us out: Can you tell Ron is the boss and really didn't want his photo taken?  And we had to twist Dale's arm - hard – again. What's with the question mark?  If you know.... you know... stay tuned!

Proud Sponsor
September 27 2022

"TIFF Experience" Digi60 2021's Best Film Winner - Patrick Mulligan

Award Prize donated by founding sponsor, Affinity Production Group.
#digi.60 #ottawa #ottawafestivals @ottawafestivals @digitalartsresourcecentre

Chickens and Eggs
September 13 2022

Why did the chicken cross the road?  Because it was free-range.  Meet Thomas who came to Affinity when he was an intern from S.A.I.T. 8 years ago and hasn’t crossed back to Alberta since – which we are grateful for!  He is a multi-talented editor who has been our client’s go-to since 2015.  Doesn’t eat eggs and was once haunted by a ceramic chicken… He always makes the grade.

Affinity Video Post Upgrades
September 06 2022

Zim-idy do dah - David Zimmerly has done it again. Our Senior Editor and Colourist Chris Coote is a happy guy these days with some great new tools for our online grading and finishing suite, including Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra CPU, Eizo CG3146 31” 4K HDR reference monitor, DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel and Elgato Stream Deck XL panel with Resolve, Avid and Adobe control profiles.

A massive upgrade for our entire facility and post production team is our new, third generation Facilis HUB24 shared storage system configured for both 10Gig E and Fibre Channel connectivity. Combined with a Facilis TX-16 expansion chassis, the system offers over 200 TB of ultra-fast, multi-stream storage to every one of our post production workstations.