Let there be light!
July 24 2023

Ask us about the Aputure LS 60X - a 60W bi-colour adjustable focusing light. This lamp integrates a new lens design to greatly improve the optical quality and texture of low-power light sources.

BBQ Fun!
June 07 2023

It's always fun to get a chance to work on a show with an entertaining host and great looking food. "FunQ with Spencer Watts" is premiering tonight on CTV Life Channel! An added bonus was picking up some great new recipes for dinner... Affinity was happy to take care of online, color and audio post. Camera, Lighting & Grip Equipment supplied by Affinity.


Diane and Beta
May 30 2023

Behind the scenes at Affinity: If you know Affinity, you know these gals. For the past 10 years, Administration / Production Manager Diane has helped run the office. 9-year-old Beta is the Office Guard Dog. She (Beta) knows when you are in the building and may lie down, belly up, to check out your moves. It’s often heard - “Whose dog is this?” and “oooohhhhh, how cute!” She (Beta) laps it up.  

Equipment of the week!
May 24 2023

The Dana Dolly is a camera slider system designed to provide smooth and precise movement for your camera. The Dana Dolly is compatible with a wide range of cameras and accessories, so you can customize it to fit your specific needs. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Dana Dolly is a great piece of equipment for anyone looking to add some cinematic movement to their video productions. #danadolly #ottawavideoproduction

All decked out!
May 16 2023

Ron's sisters were by today to do their "annual" donation of love with front door planters. Thanks Cheryl and Colleen! You rock!

Big Brain
May 02 2023

Behind the scenes at Affinity:

“Big Brain” David Zimmerly probably wears more hats at Affinity than Disney has princesses. While his email signature lists him as our Post Supervisor | Editor | Consultant, he does a few other things like post and IT systems integration for Affinity and several of our clients, client studio and live production support, webcasting, workflow design, marketing and branding, and making sure that our office guard dog Beta receives her full quota of pets and belly rubs.



Big Lights!
April 25 2023

Spotlight on Soundman!  

Girl Power!
April 18 2023

We are excited to welcome Laura Schneider to the "A Team" as an Equipment Technician. Intelligent, resourceful and just plain great to have around, Laura is a recent graduate of the film and media production program at Algonquin College. She is passionate about the technical side of filmmaking and in her free time she enjoys photography.

March 18 2023

Chris Coote – Senior Editor / Master Colourist EXTRODINARE

Chris has edited and/or color graded many hundreds of hours of broadcast tv since joining Affinity in 1994. 1994!!

Recent credits include 180, Gang de Hockey, Broken Waters, Stittsville on Patrol, FunQ, Comfort Food, Crazy Like a Lynx, Tom Longboat, Premier Contact, Pulse, My Indian Name.

Hobbies include mountain biking, hockey, skiing, and driving his teenagers everywhere.

February 27 2023

Behind the scenes at Affinity:
What would we do without Thomas Blake? Totally irreplaceable for the past 8 years. General duties include editing, motion graphics, maintaining our extensive library of backup drives and diving in wherever needed. In his spare time can be found wandering the greenbelt trails... away from screens and dark rooms.

Will you be my...
February 14 2023

Monitor Cart

Introducing the JDCC Monitor Cart - the perfect solution for camera people who demand the best! With its sleek design and durable construction, this cart is the perfect way to monitor stunning images on the go. Whether you're on set or on location, you can trust the JDCC Monitor Cart to keep your equipment safe and secure. So, why wait? Rent yours today and start capturing the world in all its beauty! #CameraEquipment #BeautifulImages #OnTheGo #FilmMaking #Affinity

Postproduction and Audio
January 31 2023

That's a wrap on post-production for season 2 of Crazy Like A Lynx.
Affinity took care of camera packages, data management, online, color, audio post and deliverables for 13 new episodes in both English and Ojibway.
Follow Don and Dakota's wild adventures later this year on APTN

#crazylikealynx #postproduction #colourcorrect #audiopost #affinityaudio

January 03 2023

Happiest New Year – 2023!!  It's going to be a great year!

We are SO excited and happy to announce that Gayle Nakamoto-Jancewicz has joined Affinity, sharing administrative responsibilities with Diane Camelin.  Please forward your invoices to Diane and Gayle.  We can’t let Dale go completely. She is in once a week keeping Ron sane and dealing with the big picture. 

Gayle loves being in a production office and tying up all aspects of the business side of production into a neat package.  Her love of teaching, foster dogs, and paper/lights sculpture might come up if you stop in for a chat.  Did we tell you we are excited?!


December 22 2022

Shoot at Affinity
December 14 2022

Love the light that comes into our facility at 141 Wescar... thanks to our staff for letting us take over the postproduction area for a quick shoot!  #videoproduction #katietallo #samanthamakeup #karl_roeder #newton739