Shoot at Studio 20/20
April 25 2022

A man (#karlroeder) and his gaffer (#roland_marckwort) thanks to tani@studio2020 for the stills!
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March 22 2022

CONGRATULATIONS TO Canadian Bank Note and the Central Bank of the Bahamas for the win - always an incredible design - beautiful and ultimately secure. We had the pleasure of doing their intro video.

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IFFO 2022
March 08 2022

Support local and international! Affinity is a proud sponsor of IFFO - International Film Festival of Ottawa - March 9 - 20. Check out the line up - available in person or virtual screening AND a Screen Summit for all you filmmakers, producers, storytellers. CONNECT / CONTACT #iffottawa


David up North
March 03 2022

David Zimmerly, (#supertech, #bigbrain, #postguru, #fatherofthree, #supernerd, #moviebuff, #goodsonandbrother, #workedataffinityformostofhisprofessionallife, #jackofalltrades, #superguy, #superman, Affinity’s #postsupervisor, #videoeditor, #technicalconsultant) is currently up in Iqaluit, Nunavut, providing production and technical support for IBC (Inuit Broadcasting Corporation), which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.  Here’s a picture of David in front of their broadcast studios - you can’t see the superhero cape under the parka.

February 22 2022

Look what we have!  The new ARRI Hi-5 is the most comprehensive hand unit on the market - providing reliable wireless camera and multi-axis lens control. Weather proof and solid - it features an exceptional radio link range and unique, swappable radio modules for different territories and shooting challenges.  Think of this in your hands for your next project.

Affinity Audio Studio
February 14 2022

Check out our new Affinity Audio Studio at Wescar! Fully loaded for everything from VOs and ADR sessions, sound design and full feature film mixes. Jordan Bell is behind the wheel, getting you where you want to go. Varoooooooom

Colour and Sound
September 13 2021

Working with Laura Taler and the NAC… Online Editor and Colourist - Chris Coote / Sound Mixer - Jordy Bell!

March 09 2021

We got this... What a year it's been!  Take care all!

PSPC GC Ad Day Webcast
February 02 2021

Powered by eight computer systems and the Brothers Zimm, Affinity provided core webcast production support for PSPC’s GC Ad Day webcast event on January 27 and 28.  We linked multiple Zoom connections, NewTek TriCaster Mini, Telestream Wirecast Pro, Encore/Interpretation Bureau SI and Webcast Canada platforms to switch, encode and stream the program with live Bilingual, English SI and French SI language options.

We have them...
January 19 2021

Arri Mini LF - The best camera in the world, period. 

A first choice for master cinematographers, Arri cameras film the vast majority (80%) of Hollywood productions. 

Lush and natural images. Great design. A world standard.

Affinity Production Group is proud to support your project with the best service and the best equipment.

These cameras are now within your reach.

Questions?  Call us. Operators are standing by.

Scary Movie???
December 10 2020

On set with 1st AC,  Diego Dias.

Photo Credit: Brooklin Watson


Remote Master Control Room
November 18 2020

We've got the gear and capability! Live switching and streaming setup to link two remote studios via Zoom.  On line - Atlanta, Montreal, Ottawa for U.K. client.  Master control by David Zimmerly. 

Audio Recording in the Time of COVID
October 02 2020

Our audio department has been keeping busy these days, recording sessions with new safety precautions, physical distancing, and remote connections. We're currently recording voices for a new French web-series, Ellie L'exploratrice, for TFO. Here's a screen grab from a recent session, captured by Jordy, our audio engineer, here with Mélanie Beauchamp and Koa Padolsky


Documentary Shoot
September 02 2020

Pre-set up - no lighting or "set" staging.  Our crew was out filming a documentary interview and broll for a production company out of Philadelphia.  This picture was sent for approval of the framing.  Bringing the two Sony FS7 cameras into a Zoom meeting allowed the producers to be with the crew on every shot! 

Once Upon a Christmas
August 21 2020

A shot from the set of “Once Upon a Christmas” which recently wrapped.  Affinity is proud to have supplied the Camera, Lighting & Grip Equipment.  Thanks 1 Department!